A Day of Reflection……

A day of reflection has inspired abundant gratitude within me.
Earlier today, I was listening to the podcast called “How I built this” by NPR. Guy Raz does such a great job in how he interviews guests, and every time I hear his show, I find myself being more and more relaxed. What a gift Guy has! In this episode, Guy interviews FUBU founder, Daymond John, and he tells the story of how he got started and how he has built a massive clothing empire. If you want to be inspired, this is the show for you!

Currently, I am enjoying a sabbatical after a very intense 20 years in the technical staffing, consulting, and professional services industry. I was fortunate to have great leaders, great teammates, and amazing customers! As I listened to Daymond tell his story, it made me think back to my earlier days as I started in the business. Boy, that was a tough road of cold calls, cold calls, and more cold calls. I even used the yellow pages one day! Serious! My other source of business development as I looked for leads was performed on Sunday mornings through the classified ads so that I could see which companies in the Seattle area were hiring and growing their companies. Each Sunday, I would spend at least two hours looking for new companies to call and prospect the following Monday. I realize that I might just have lost some of my younger readers as I mention the yellow pages and classified ads. Yes, I’m getting old.

I was inspired to share this story with you as I am about to publish my first book titled “Win the Relationship; Not the Deal.” It is a book that outlines six core principles of how I went about my business to win people. I knew that if I could win the trust of people that the deals would follow in the future. Without taking the time to build organic relationships authentically, I knew that I would not be able to have success in business.

Additionally, I am about to launch a podcast for father’s titled, “The QB Dad Cast.” This podcast is targeting dads to hear stories of failure, success, tragedy, and adversity as I interview some amazing dads as they share their personal stories of growth. My goal through these conversations is to inspire another father’s so that they can become the best quarterback of their household.

With all of this said, I ask you, when was the last time you took a minute or a breath to reflect on your experiences? What inspired you to be the person you are today? How did you get there?

I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below so that I can get to know and connect with you.

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