Can daily habits create a path towards success?

Have you ever slowed down, took a breath and evaluated what daily habits you do consistently on a daily basis? Next, do those daily habits create positive or negative results for you?

Well, I decided to try this exercise and I’m here to share some of my findings with you. I consider myself a creature of habit. Through this exercise, I identified consistent habits which helped generate positive results throughout my personal and professional life. I’ve also found that these daily habits or activities have helped me produce positive outcomes for my customers over my entire business career too.

However, I believe that having daily habits can lead you down a negative path, if the activities you choose to focus on continue to create negative results.

How about you?  What comes to mind when thinking about your daily habits?

Here are my top five daily habits that I believe have generated positive outcomes for myself, my teammates and my customers:

1. Gratitude: Start your day with thanks and appreciation. Whether it is spiritual gratitude, career or even relationship gratitude – start your day with positive thoughts of appreciation. For example, tomorrow when you start your day and open your email, start with an email thanking someone on your team for doing a great job. Or, send a thank you email and hand written note to a customer thanking them for the opportunity to serve them. I’ve found that this mindset keeps me grounded through humility and focused on staying positive- regardless of your current work situation. The habit of gratitude follows the golden rule of life – treat others as you would want to be treated!

2. Exercise: Stress is a constant in our lives. In this digital age, we are asked to do more and always be “on”. Without a daily workout, I honestly have no idea how I could stay sane. As a former collegiate athlete, it is easier for me to stay active given the many years of lifting weights and running with teammates during my playing days. The older I get, the bigger the challenge it is for me to maintain fitness and health goals. By making the choice to exercise daily, and monitoring my fitness results often, I have created a powerful habit that keeps my mind clear of negative energy. Sweating out the toxins of life has become addicting! Trust me, your clients and colleagues will appreciate a less stressed out version of yourself and so will you!

3. Reading: I’ve found that intentional reading has helped me in many ways. Great books that I’ve found on my own, or have been recommended to me by my network, have helped me see life through different perspectives. Reading also keeps me in a growth mindset. I found that the daily habit of reading, for as little as 10 minutes before bed or in the morning, keeps me motivated and seeking to achieve new things. Reading is also something I talk to my employees and customers about – which has proven to be another vehicle in building relationships. See what happens when you ask someone, “What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?” It automatically will create a dialogue and potentially could help you find commonality with someone you didn’t have. This is another great tool to build strong relationships.

4. Podcast:  A high percentage of us have a daily commute of between 30-60 minutes daily. This is valuable time that we can use to call our friends, family or even customers to stay productive. I use my commute time to conduct calls (hands-free of course), but also carve out a portion of that time to listen to podcasts that will help me stay in a growth mindset. This daily habit has allowed me to listen to some very successful people share their successes in life, business and relationships! In my experience, I’ve learned that stories help us create memories. They also help us make buying decisions when we can relate to someone’s experience. By listening to podcasts, you will find that the stories you learn from people can help you find ways to see the world differently through someone’s success or failure. I’ve learned a ton from the podcasts I listen to and have applied my learning to build stronger and more in-depth relationships.

5. Goal setting: Goals are not just something that you should do annually on December 31st as your New Year’s resolution. Goals are something that has been instilled in me from my days of high school football. Daily, weekly and monthly goal setting can help inspire a growth mindset if done correctly. The key elements of proper goal setting are to make your goals visible, visit them often, and ensure that you communicate them to one of your leaders, mentors or friends so that they can help hold you accountable. Challenge yourself to start small, but think through and write down daily goals you want to achieve. Once you’ve done that consistently, move to weekly and monthly, as I’ve found that practice to be very useful in my life.

Wherever you’re at in your personal or professional life, I hope that my five daily habits will be something for you to consider as you look at developing a growth mindset.

It’s now your turn to share with me. I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below and tell me about your daily habits that have helped you become more productive. As always, please share my article with your network if you believe others can benefit from thinking about daily habits.

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