Good, Great & Elite

Good. Great. Elite. Three words that can describe the effort or work performance of an individual or team. The definitions may vary by person but in any industry, company, or role, these three words can rank an individual or team by their capabilities, accomplishments, and work ethic.  Achieving goals in the workplace starts with self-evaluation.

At Kforce, great people equals great results and in our pursuit of greatness, we strive toward the common goal of achieving elite status.

The obvious question I am sure you’re thinking is “what does good, great and elite mean?”

“Good” people are not in your top 30-40 percent, but you can count on these people. They may require additional coaching.  These individuals sometimes will make excuses and have a tough time of showing enough vulnerability to take the next step of getting better.  They don’t necessarily hurt you or the organization but don’t help motivate those around them.

“Great” people are in your top 20 percent and will help set the bar for what is expected.  You can always count on these people and you will find they will help you continue to make your team or business better in the long run.  They love coaching, can admit when mistakes are made and can grow from constructive criticism.

“Elite” people are in your top 1-2 percent.  They are the ones who set the bar for what is possible.  These individuals are always looking to challenge the status quo.  They will help push your business or team to the next level.  They benefit from being given the opportunity to use creativity and their natural leadership to make the team better.  They complete task A and move onto B and C before they are asked. An elite individual always adds value to the overall mission of the team.

In my current role as President of Client Strategy and Partnerships, I was a part of an elite team that led an immense sales transformation effort that would alter the way our sales teams go to market with our branded message. I found it very beneficial to look at myself as well as those around me to see which work performance category each person fell into.  It provided me with a great way to coach and motivate others toward achieving short and long term goals in the workplace.

We can all be elite if we want to.  Sure, some are more gifted than others with natural talents but we all have an opportunity within us to set our heart on a goal and push ourselves to succeed.  It is up to us as individuals to unleash that potential and challenge ourselves as well as the others around us to achieve greatness.

Let’s face it, we are what we allow ourselves to be.  So, the next time you find yourself frustrated with your own situation, your team or your company, I challenge you to be a part of the solution and help take your game from good, to great, to elite!

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2 thoughts on “Good, Great & Elite

  1. Great thoughts Casey. In my field of work we are constantly striving to identify staff that have broader skill sets that they are currently using. Once identified we work to create plans and training to facilitate their individual growth towards our common mission and value statements. Empowerment becomes critical and enabling staff to take risk and create opportunities for personal and company growth.

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