How will solution oriented thinking drive your culture?

Have you heard leaders or mentors in your life tell you to bring a solution to the table when you have a problem? It’s simple advice – yet it can be very hard to accomplish, given the emotion you are likely feeling at the time. Negative emotions can hinder our ability to communicate effectively.

Maintaining a positive outlook and focusing on a solution will always generate a positive outcome.

In our personal life and in business, we all have worked with people who possess an array of personalities and perspectives. You know most of them just like I do. No matter the scenario, there are people who feel there is always a better way. They are quick to assume there is something wrong with the situation.

On the other hand, you also have worked with people who bring positive energy to a conversation or always find a unique solution to focus on no matter what the situation is.

Those are the people that we all need to strive to be. You will achieve a positive outcome when focusing on solution oriented and positive thinking.

Whether in our quest to build strong personal or professional relationships, by choosing a negative response it will sour the conversation or bring down office culture. Here are a few examples:

Example 1

Sales person: “We just won that deal! How exciting!”

Mr. Negative: “Yeah, but it wasn’t $2 million. It was only $1.8.”

Example 2

Office worker: “Our client needs us to change the date of our delivery.”

Mrs. Negative: “Why do our clients always make our lives so difficult?”

Example 3

Employee: “Our client has asked for a 3 percent discount to keep the deal intact.”

Mr. Negative: “No way! They must not understand what we do, and I’m tired of difficult customers.”

I realize that some of these examples might not resonate with everyone reading this; however, hopefully after reading them you can think back to a similar scenario when you encountered a negative person who brought down the emotion in the office or the conversation. So – I challenge YOU to make the difference and work to help change culture by inspiring those around you to find a positive solution or response to any problem.

Those who have followed my writing have seen that I have passion for a phrase – “Win the relationship, not the deal.” Relationships are the foundation for everything we do. I have experienced so many times that choosing the positive response in a negative environment has allowed me to create positive relationships and a better outcome. Though it may be an easier path to focus on the negative, doing so can cause a chain reaction of negative outcomes. For example, one person shares the negative with someone else, who then shares it with another, and all of sudden drama has been created for no reason whatsoever. Sound familiar?

Regardless of your role in any company, challenge yourself to give people the benefit of the doubt and look for the positive in each situation. 

By choosing the positive scenario and focusing on solution oriented thinking, you will find that more customers will want to engage you. Internally, if you apply those same principles you will find that the relationships internally will be much stronger as you will be perceived as someone who is optimistic and always looking to find solutions to problems versus focusing on the negative.

I would love to hear from you now. Can you share an example with me where you took a negative situation and responded in a positive way to create a positive outcome?

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