Sharing experiences keep the world learning

Recently, I was asked by Coach Fisk from my alma mater (Central Washington University) to come and speak with his football team about business, relationships, and leadership. It was very surreal to come back and share my experience with them in the areas where I’ve had professional success. One of the hardest things to realize was how fast time had flown given it was nearly 20 years since I last wore a CWU football jersey.

My presentation to them lasted roughly 45 minutes and was very engaging as I could tell by the eye contact & body language from these young men.  I am one who truly enjoys public speaking but more importantly, I look for ways so that I can build an interactive audience.  I’ve found that the more you can keep your audience engaged the more they will retain the information you’re sharing with them. Throughout my talk, I asked them questions about what came to mind when thinking about these words:

  • Commitment
  • Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Winning

After hearing their ideas, I shared words that I came up with as well which allowed for a great interaction between us and formed a relationship that allowed me to speak more genuinely and authentically.  One the most enjoyable and powerful moments of this talk to my former team was the power of sharing real stories that impacted me both in a positive and negative way.  These stories not only were from my quarterback days but also lessons I learned in college that I used to propel me to levels of success in the business world. The adversity that I shared with the team allowed me to show my personal vulnerabilities and explain how I overcame tough moments in my life and turned them into positive learning experiences. So many times in life, we look at people who have found success in their career and we don’t get the chance to hear their story on how they made it.  This was my opportunity to share with them how much hard work it took for me to get to the spot I’m currently at in my career.

True learning is in our everyday struggle and the more that we can share those moments will encourage others to do the same with others around themselves.

It’s now your turn to share a story or two with me?  How have you given back to something your passionate about that?  How did you share your personal experience to motivate others to find ways to foster behavioral change?

Please leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you.

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