Time for my next journey…..

After 19 years of an amazing journey at Kforce, it is time for the next chapter in my life. How did the time go by so fast? I still remember my first day at Hall Kinion like it was yesterday (before Kforce purchased us in 2004).  My wife and I were sprinting out of our apartment as newlyweds to see who didn’t have to drive the Mazda B2200 pickup with sandbags in the back.  No offense to anyone driving this gem of a truck – I miss that beauty! My wife still argues that it doesn’t count as a truck and it should’ve been called an El Camino. As it relates to the dead sprint out of the apartment, my wife would usually win that race to drive the Ford Probe, which was also a sleek automobile!!! I hate that she is faster than me… I digress…….

After many successful seasons (that messaging is for you (Virg Palumbo) as a top Account Manager firm-wide and then moving into a strategic selling and mentorship role, now is the optimal time for me to conclude a great career with Kforce. There have been so many amazing life lessons that I’ve learned along the way! Goal setting, time management, perseverance, overcoming adversity and continuing the power of humility are just a few that come to mind.

One of the hardest things to get used to, will be not recording my daily office voicemails which I’ve done for the last 19 years. I’m not a math major, but if my calculations are correct, that is nearly 6,900 different voicemails that I’ve personally recorded. I’m sure those reading this have listened to them over the years and there have been some beauties! One of my favorites was announcing my retirement to join the Sr. PGA tour effective 2048. One of my customers (not to be named) called me and wished me well in my endeavors and he hoped to see me on tour! I couldn’t help but explode in laughter and also apologize for getting him so off track

Additionally, I am so thankful to the many amazing customers I was given the opportunity to support, especially all my friends at AT&T. You trusted me and provided so many unique challenges to grow each and every day! I will always be thankful to the relationships that we developed together.

There have been so many amazing teammates that I’ve had as well who have provided so much support, laughter and love over the years. Thank you! There are too many to thank, which would turn this blog post into a senior thesis; however, Kelly Hansen, thank you for convincing me 19 years ago to stop pedaling stickers or labels and join this robust and thriving industry! What a wild ride it has been!

Through all my great mentors and coaches in life, the skill set of humility is an ever-seeking path of mastery that I will stay on for life. Gratitude and perspective are what keeps me going each day!!! For those who know me well, I will be taking time to spend with family and finally writing the book I’ve been talking about for years! Hopefully, you will see me on a TED stage one day and I also hope that you will tune in and listen to my podcast for dads which will be launching later this year too!

As I conclude my last week with Kforce, I wish you all the best in life and will challenge you all to focus on finding gratitude and appreciation for what you have. Don’t compare yourself to others, just appreciate what you have and spread love and joy into the world, as I know it will always come back to you. The oldest lessons in life are there for a reason as they work. Throughout my entire career, I’ve always done my best to treat people the way I want to be treated, no matter what their role in the company was. The more friends I created both internally and externally, is the reason I now know I was able to sustain such a long career.

All the best,

Casey Jacox

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